Love Sent You Here To Me…..

Love Sent You Here To Me…..

Day 20 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!!  I’m guessing by now you are saying that you are beginning to know me quite well.  LOL!  Well, I warned you….that this exercise would be the chance to get to know me a little bit better beyond my travel persona.  I hope that you are still enjoying my posts and feel free to jump in at any time.  I welcome all comments and observations.

Today’s post is a love letter to my only child, Carisa.  She’s a talented graphic artist and website designer and I’m very proud of her accomplishments.  I wrote this poem ten years ago and its significance has been magnified ten fold.


Love sent you here to me…..

…… to two empty arms longing to hold a sweet baby girl with beautiful brown eyes.

Whose smile gave great clarity to the true meaning of my life

and whose tiny fingers clinging to mine, held me up when I thought I would falter.

You are no longer a child now, you have become a young woman before I could prepare myself for that


Shy, though confident in your own way;  I watch you grow apart from me

but happy still, I hope.

Over time, it is you who have become the teacher, you who have become my source of strength as if our

roles have become blurred.

I wish you much love as you enter your twenty-third year of life and pray that you remember that the

previous twenty-two were the most meaningful of mine.

You are my heart and the center of my soul.



Copyright 2002 Renee King All Rights Reserved



Renee King

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