Why We Didn’t Work | What I Learned From Love

July 14, 2012 • By

Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 14 and I have to post twice today due to my crazy schedule yesterday!   No worries.  My first post is about love relationships….and how monumental they seem when you are young and why it hurts when you come to the realization that love sometimes isn’t enough.

We were both 17 year olds who thought we had it all and that love would bind us forever.

Youth allowed us to perennially live in the moment by convincing ourselves that time would never end and neither would we.

We imagined that no one had ever loved as deeply or as completely and that the world revolved around the cocoon that we’d built together which would never be penetrated by outsiders.

Suddenly, we began to notice slight changes in one another and instead of identifying it as growth we saw it as division.

We never saw that we needed to step outside the walls that we’d built to discover our true selves and cultivate our respective talents.

Our insular world that was built on sand came crashing down to the reality that we were individuals who couldn’t love without smothering…… without rendering harsh judgment.

We never learned that knowledge comes forth through maturity which is only garnered through life experiences…something we never allowed ourselves to have because we were too busy looking through rose colored glasses that only reflected the unobtainable.