If You Have Never Left Your Hometown, You Should Make Plans To Leave….Today!

July 8, 2012 • By

This is day 8 of the July 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge! Today’s post is an attempt to gently nudge those of you who want to realize their dream of traveling, but for whatever reason, haven’t pulled the trigger. Yet!

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I mean, you must be scoffing at the very idea that a person could have literally never crossed their state, city or regional border. For those of us who travel on a dime without any regard as to whether or not we could, should, can or can’t….we can’t fathom the idea that someone would feel so out of the loop when it comes to traveling outside of their comfort zone.

But there are many who do not feel that traveling is something that they would ever do….or should do. Some feel that it’s something rich people do which automatically excludes them. I’ve shared the story of my best friend who never left the state of Alabama. I’m a firm believer that you can do whatever you desire to do, but you have to believe it too. No one can snatch a dream from you that isn’t there. I think the fact of the matter is that deep down you may be waiting for someone to give you permission to do the things that you want to do.

Are you afraid to marshal the courage to exercise your right to self determination?  Do you show more concern about how others perceive you; sometimes not wanting to cross boundaries that counter a group mind-think or perception of who others think you are or should be?  Once you shake the shackles of someone else’s definition of you, you can then honestly lead a life that is defined by the only person that matters…..YOU.   Because when it comes to making personal life decisions, the only opinion that truly matters is your own.

There are some who look at me with some trepidation. How does an admin assistant manage to travel the world? Who does she think she is? How can she afford it? I could offer several retorts, but the fact of the matter is that you can create your own reality. If you truly desire something there are sacrifices to be made. Not everyone is willing to make them and that’s ok. I am, which is why I am able to follow my dreams.  If you have the desire, you can sit down right now and decide where your first adventure will be.  Once that is done, start  doing research on your dream destination, start saving, learn how to take advantage of frequent flier programs, learn how to use Priceline to get great deals on hotels and car rentals, etc.  Or you can just email me for moral support and I will be your biggest cheerleader.  Really!