Pictures of Honolulu, Hawaii

Pictures of Honolulu, Hawaii

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”, but my visit to Honolulu, Hawaii in the summer of 2006 gave Thailand a run for its money. From the moment that I stepped off the plane into the tropical paradise masquerading as an airport, I was in love.

The resort-like feel of the Honolulu International Airport was given notice of what joys were in store for us on the island. We rented a car during our stay even though we were told that there was a pretty good public transportation system at our disposal.

I’m so glad that we did….mobility is crucial if you want to see all of the hotspots. We decided that the best way to familiarize ourselves with our new environment would be to do the Circle Island Tour.

It would allow us to circumnavigate the entire island in a day. We could get a taste of each landmark and then come back on successive days to give it a thorough look over.

Honolulu’s one of those places where you’re convinced that your soul would never be at rest if you allowed your body to quit on you before feasting your eyes on this island paradise. It’s a true miracle of nature that it has somehow been left unspoiled by the ravages of time and the inherent carelessness of man.

It’s where you would want to come to exhale your last breath because there exists an inexplicable peace in this place. Oahu is a tropical wonderland that stretches as far as the eye can see and gives hope to everyone witnessing it, the promise of better days just ahead.

This photo gallery was taken as we drove around the island that day. I hope that it inspires you to add this destination to your list….bucket, or otherwise. Aloha!

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