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27 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

July 2, 2012 • By

My Bucket List

This is day 2 of the July 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge! I’ve decided to use this platform to switch things up a bit and will share more personal aspects of my life with you dear reader. Hold onto your hats, this month-long ride should be fun!

Today’s post was a prompt on OpenSalon that asked you to think of the 27 things you wanted to do before leaving this earth. You couldn’t put too much thought into it, you just had to let it flow naturally and it could be as profound or relatively insignificant as you wanted it to be.

Well, as you already know, I struggle with procrastination issues, so I’m only completed a few in the three years of this list’s existence. On the plus side, I will always have something to strive for! I’ve highlighted in red what I have already accomplished; what are your goals? Have you achieved some long held ones already?

1. Learn to speak French fluently. I am studying via pimsleur cds and even use the French Coach game for my Nintendo DS. I think French is the most romantic language on earth, so I can’t wait to be able to whisper sweet french somethings in my beloved’s ears, preferably as we cross Le pont neuf in Paris.

2. Spend a leisurely weekend in a lighthouse off the coast of Maine in the summer. It will be nice to sit in the watch room with a cup of coffee watching the seagulls perform a graceful ballet around me.

3. I want to cultivate more deep friendships with women. There is a blessing in surrounding yourself with good girlfriends who will stick by you through all of the heartbreaks, joys, losses and victories. Their value is immeasurable.

4. I want to walk all the way up to the observation deck of the Statue of Liberty and look out on NY Harbor.

5. I want to experience my first safari in Kenya. There are walking safaris and I think I’m brave enough to try it.

6. I look forward to becoming a grandmother; on my daughter’s own schedule, of course!

7. I want to learn how to ball room dance. My love of ball room dancing pre-dates Dancing with the stars, but I’m happy to see that it contributed to its popularity.

8. I want to rescue a Welsh corgi.

9. I’d like to become a bonafide rosarian. I’m a newbie when it comes to growing roses, so I look forward to learning as much as I can about them.  (Ok, I’m probably not bonafide, but I am keeping almost 40 different varieties alive, so that’s gotta count for something!)

10. I want to read more. Thankfully, Open Salon helps in this journey, but I mean I want to find (no, make) the time to delve into some serious, gut-wrenching pieces of literature. I want to become so lost in the pages of a good novel that I will refuse to come up for air.

11. I want to learn how to swim. I want to conquer my fear of drowning and perhaps swim with the dolphins one day.

12. Despite my fears, I wouldn’t mind trying parasailing, after I learn how to swim of course.

13. I never learned how to fish despite my father taking every other sibling to the lake for lessons when I was a child. This time, I’d like my father to join me in spirit.

14. I’d like to learn how to draw or sketch. As a kid, I was so proud of being able to freehand the deer that looked like Bambi that was found in the back of magazines so accurately.

15. If I ever decide to move, I’d like to build my next house. The only thing is that I can’t decide between a victorian or a log cabin.

16. I’d like to learn to sing Opera. The only song that I know or can sing is Ave Maria.

17. I would like to write a budget travel column for a magazine, either online or print.

18. I’d like to finally put the finishing touches on my pond. I’m such a procrastinator!

19. I want to volunteer with an at-risk teen program. I want to make a measurable difference in some young person’s life.

20. I’d like to play a musical instrument. I don’t know which, but it probably won’t be a piano since I suck at that.

21. I wouldn’t be adverse to winning the Georgia Lotto.

22. I want to get in excellent physical health. Soon. (I’m starting an Aqua Zumba class tonight!!)

23. I want to continue to strive to be a better friend and an even better person.

24. I want to live each day that God grants me as if it were my last.

25. I’d like to learn how to fly a plane so that I will be able to relate to the fabulousness of the phrase “a bird’s eye view”.

26. I want to run up and down the emerald hills of Kilkenny, Ireland.

27. I don’t want to die until the previous 26 come true.