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Travel Photo Thursday- Vogel State Park

March 1, 2012 • By

I saw these lovely geese as soon as I exited my car during my visit to Vogel State Park in Blairsville, GA. Located in the North Georgia mountains, this picturesque park boasts lots of picnic areas, a fantastic lake view, a 360 degree walking trail around the park’s perimeter and a groovy gift shop.

There are on-site cabins that are leased to the public who truly seek a peaceful getaway from the madness of the city.  I was able to put my local library’s membership card to good use when I checked out their 2012 Georgia State entrance and parking passes.

So, I was able to visit any park in the state for free for seven days. One word of warning, should you decide to make a pit stop to the local wineries you’ll have to get there by driving on Blood Mountain.

There is a reason why it’s called BLOOD mountain….it’s the equivalent of driving up and down an asphalt corkscrew which is apropos since you’ll feel as if you’ve had a few once you’ve finished.

So, exercise extreme caution if you aren’t used to driving anything rougher than the typical interstate highway.