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Bucking ‘n Bronco’ n In Wyoming At The Jackson Hole Rodeo

November 25, 2011 • By

You know the old saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. The same holds true when visiting the wild west. Not because someone would challenge you to a duel in the town square, but because you’d want to experience everything that makes a particular region special or unique. We were invited to attend the Jackson Hole Rodeo and absolutely jumped at the chance to experience something so exciting and new. We took a few short videos to illustrate exactly what happens when attending such an event.

As usual, the bull wins!

This bull is in therapy for anger issues, not that I blame him.  Wouldn’t you be upset if someone was always riding your back?

Warm-ups before the games began. I was surprised to see so many kidlets in the rodeo.

I was really impressed by the number of young people who are active participants in the rodeo.  I guess like with anything, the earlier you start out, the better you will become.  Lest you think that the Jackson Hole Rodeo has forgotten about us grown-ups, they haven’t.  They offer an intense two hour Intro to Rodeo program for beginners of any age.  The goal is to inspire a sense of teamwork and confidence and promises that at the end of the program, you will leave as a cowboy.

Though the cowboy was determined to stay in the saddle, the bull had other ideas.

We arrived fairly early to an empty stadium.  By the time the festivities began, we had a full house.  Rodeos are very popular to residents as well as visitors despite its short season from late May to mid September.  I suppose that has something to do with the snow.  Last year, they welcomed over 735″ of the little darlings…..

I guess this bull didn’t take public humiliation well.

Maybe it’s me, but the bull sitting down was a strong indicator that he wasn’t into it.


Ok, we weren’t laughing at the kid…I mean the human one. We were laughing at the fact that the whole thing was just TOO cute!!

Whoever thought of putting a kid on the back of a sheep had too much time on their hands….but it was still adorable!

This one scared me a little bit. I wasn’t sure if the cowboy was left unscathed.

I guess that’s the risk you take, but luckily, he wasn’t hurt so everything ended up ok.


I got the distinct feeling that with that last head butt, the bull was saying “This is my house!! What?! What?!”

Though this cowboy stayed up longer than most, he still didn’t make it for the required 8 seconds, so he was out.

If you are looking for family friendly fun and a chance to do something different, check out the Rodeo.  We weren’t expecting much since this wasn’t necessarily our cup of tea, but we ended up truly enjoying the sport and our fellow spectators who seemed to have attended a rodeo or two.  If you plan to visit, Jackson Hole, I highly recommend that you pay them a visit.


  • Covered Seating – $18.00 for adults; $16.00 for seniors (60+); $12.00 for ages 5-12; ages 4 and under is free and all taxes are included.
  • Uncovered Seating -$15.00 for adults; $13.00 for seniors (60+); $9.00 for ages 5-12; ages 4 and under is free and all taxes are included.


Jackson Hole Rodeo

447 West Snow King Ave

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001

Rodeo Entries (307) 733-TJHR (8547)

– Office (307) 733-7927

– Fax (307) 734-1101


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