36 Hours Of Fun In Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia

36 Hours Of Fun In Historic Downtown Savannah, Georgia

We wanted to get out of town, the problem was deciding where and how far could we go on such short notice. My sister had never been to Savannah and it had been over a decade since Carisa and I’d seen it, so we decided to go for it. After a four hour pre-dawn drive, we arrived in the city around 10 am just in time for our first activity, the Grayline Trolley Tour that we scored for $15.00 pp.

It was a great way to get an overview of the city so that we could investigate it fully later on in the day. We were enjoying the sights and sounds of this cultural gem until we happened upon the funeral of Troy Davis, the man who was executed days earlier despite a worldwide outcry against it.

It dampened the mood, undoubtedly, but we decided to stay focused on what was destined to be a world-wind of activity for the three of us. Immediately after our hop on hop off tour, we decided that one time around the bend was enough for us. We knew that it was getting close to ‘supper time’ (southern vernacular for lunch) so it was time to stop by the Lady and Sons eatery to try their 15.99 buffet (drinks and dessert included).

The Lady’s reputation certainly preceded her because we were warned to come by early in the day to make reservations for lunch and/or dinner due to the overwhelming demand for a table there. Still, we were fortunate because we only had a two-hour wait given that we gave no prior notice of our arrival.

We decided to kill some time by walking across the street and spending probably too much money purchasing souvenirs from a store that sold its goods for half off. I’m willing to bet that the half off sale is a perpetual event, but it was worth the effort. After one and a half soul-killing hours we walked over and luckily was told that a table was ready.

After a few quick directions, we found ourselves on the third floor of the establishment being seated at a nondescript square table with high-backed cane chairs. After telling the waiter that we were going to indulge in the buffet table, he wished us a fond farewell because he sensed we wouldn’t be back at our table anytime soon.

That buffet operated like a well-oiled machine; being replenished whenever there was a slight possibility that the serving dish would be half full. There was southern fried chicken (the absolute best that I have ever had in my life), yams, green beans, three cheese macaroni (be ready to accept that you will gain at least five pounds before you leave), mashed potatoes, fried okra, bbq ribs, collard greens, creamed corn, baked chicken and lima beans. We left the place ashamed, humiliated but deliciously engorged.

Oh well, tarry on we must! We walked around the nearby park trying to fool ourselves that we could walk off the damage done mere minutes ago. Secure in our delusion, we decided that we needed to see our hotel room at the Courtyard by Marriott – Midtown while the sun was still cooperating. I had attempted to book a hotel in Savannah’s historic district but there was no availability. So let that be a warning, book the historic district early and often.

After chilling in our comfy rooms watching tv and talking about the day’s activity, we made our way back downtown to the Savannah Theater to take in the musical, “Return to the 50’s” which was delightfully nostalgic. Carisa even got pulled up on the stage and was serenaded by the very handsome male singers. Lucky girl!

After tripping the light fantastic down memory lane, we grabbed some dinner at a local 50’s style diner (how fitting!) and turned in to get some much-needed rest. We checked out early the next day and headed straight to Tybee Island about 30 minutes away.

We enjoyed a few hours on the beach and after agreeing that like most beaches that consisted of water, sand, and lots of people and animals, there was nothing more to see there so we headed back toward Savannah to get on the interstate back home.

Naturally, we had to stop and inhale a few sea delicacies before leaving and to pick up some Tybee specific talisman to add to our other useless but symbolic bauble collection(s) at home. Though the weekend was short, we managed to stuff a lot of fun and frivolity into it.

What’s your favorite weekend getaway to get away from it all?



Renee King

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