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Travel Photo Thursday – Chateaus and Castles of the Loire Valley

May 5, 2011 • By


During our trip to Paris in 2003, we decided to take a day trip to Tours, France where we were scheduled to meet at the (get this) Office of Tourism to meet the tour group (I’ve got a million of ‘em) for our tour (told ya!) of the Chateaus and Castles of the Loire Valley.

One of the major tenets that I ascribe to is “If you’re going to travel in a metal contraption with recirculated, stale air for over 8 hours, make it count!”  Therefore, we try to include day trips in our travels as a way of stretching our dollar as far as it will go.

I was most impressed with the Chateau de Chenonceau mostly because it was impressively expansive and gracefully sat just over the River Cher.  This incredible checkered ballroom floor is situated right above the river.   This photo’s viewpoint makes the floor look interminable, as if it has no end, that it is indeed the pathway to history.

If you allow yourself to let your imagination soar, you can see a 3 dimensional time portal open as you get halfway down the hall.  On the other side, you will find yourself in the middle of an exquisite ball that’s being held there with ladies in all of their finery being escorted by gentlemen of stature and means.

This photo is part of the Travel Photo Thursday series which is the brainchild of Nancie M with Budget Travelers Sandbox.