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Travel Photo Thursday – Beware Of The Romans

March 3, 2011 • By

Beware of  ROMANS bearing gifts

I choose this week’s photo because it reminded me of an unpleasant experience that I had at the Coliseum in Rome.  My daughter and I were walking past and noticed men dressed in all of the Roman regalia and decided to take a pic or two.  Within no time flat, one of them came up to us smiling ever so broadly and started to put his arm around my daughter asking me to take a picture of the two of them.  Ok, I didn’t see that coming, but it was a non-sexual, drape around her shoulder position and she seemed unconcerned about it and thought it would be a great souvenir, so I did.

Imagine our surprise when he held his hand out after I took the shot.  At first I thought he had taken leave of his senses, but he was serious and insistent.  He expected me to pay him for using my camera, SD card and batteries to photograph him.   I told him good luck with that and walked away.  At least, allow me the opportunity to offer you a tip before demanding one.  I decided to delete that picture anyway because it left a sour taste in my mouth.  So, word of caution….they are not dressed that way for nothing.  They expect to be recompensed.  Perhaps, it was my naivete, but it took me a little by surprise.  Be sure to take any and all pics from a distance and keep walking.

Please note that this post was not meant to disparage Rome, but only to relay my own personal experience.

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