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Travel Photo Thursday | Loire Valley

February 10, 2011 • By


This picture was taken at the Chateau Amboise in the Loire Valley.   During our stay in Paris, we decided to take the TGV to the French country side for a day trip.  My philosophy is if you’re going to travel that far, you’d better make it worth your while.

It was our first train ride ever and it was nice to just sit back and familiarize ourselves with the curiously lush fields as the train whistled by on that cold day in March.

We marveled at the now barren wine vineyards as we imagined them brimming over with gigantic grape clusters slowly ripening on the vine.  The roads were mostly deserted, so our view of the landscape wasn’t impeded.

Once we arrived, we simply walked across the street to the Tours visitor’s center to meet up with our guide who would soon be ushering us throughout the valley to take a step back in history.

I took this shot because it was something serene and peaceful about the moat and the farm houses beyond it.  Sometimes, I imagine how life must have been so long ago, then I think about how someone many centuries beyond will stand in the same spot wondering about how things must have been for us.