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Travel Photo Thursday | Port In Naples

February 3, 2011 • By
Port In Naples

Leaving Naples, Italy for the island of Capri

This picture reminds me of why I’m so fond of Italy.  Seeing the muted toned villas disappear as our motorboat leaves the port in Naples, brings its real beauty into focus.  I’m enthralled with the crystal clear clarity of the turquoise colored waters that my daughter said reminded her of Botticelli ‘s “Birth of Venus”.

Add the majestic Mount Vesuvius with its lush, sprawling greenery in the background and you have all the makings of your own little Shangri la.  Little did I know how much better things would get when we were transferred to a dinghy that would usher us into the Blue Grotto at the base of the Isle of Capri.  It was refreshing to see how beautiful and unspoiled those waters were.   I miss it.