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Travel Photo Thursday | Twin Peaks Skyline

January 13, 2011 • By

City Skyline

What is it about standing so high above the city’s skyline that seem to give us a sense of jubilation and power?  I guess it’s easy to imagine delusions of grandeur when it feels like we’re towering over a miniature Atlantis.  Perhaps, we are jealous of the fact that God gets to see scenes like this on a daily basis and if we are lucky enough, so can we.

It’s even more special when you come upon such a site quite unexpectedly.  I was on a tour bus in San Francisco when the guide told us we would be stopping to see the view from Twin Peaks.  “Nice”, I thought.  “Let’s see what we’ve got.”

I wasn’t quite prepared for such a heavenly view.  I imagined that this would be the perfect place for me to have a house constructed on that very spot so that I would have the joy of looking out at this everyday.

But then, there’s my fear of heights…..