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My Myrtle Beach, SC Trip Report

October 7, 2010 • By

I’ve been trying to figure out how I should approach the review of my recent trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Paradoxically, I’ve never been at a loss for words when it came to describing my experience in a particular locale. However, I must say that this trip was fairly uninteresting. But rather than take a “if you can’t say anything good about something, don’t say anything at all” approach, I think it’s fair to share with you, dear reader, why I will not be coming back to visit.

Invariably, no one will like every place that they’ve been.

But, don’t get me wrong, Myrtle Beach isn’t some god-awful dump where you would gladly abandon your monster-in-law. However, I believe that sometimes, you must manage your expectations. I’d heard so many great things about the city; I decided to jump in with both feet to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say that the city is very much like the city I left behind (Atlanta) except it has a beach. Nevertheless, It was a wonderful getaway from the madness of real life.

However, if you are looking for genuine excitement, perhaps you should head to the beach. It was a nice, balmy day when we visited. The seagulls were flying overhead, people who had no business wearing what they were wearing were in full force. There were some things that surprised even me, a lifelong southern girl…… a restaurant called Mammy’s Kitchen.   Hey, Mammy!  The 19th century called and they want their sign back!   ‘Nuff said.

Myrtle Beach, SC

“Well, shut my mouth wide open!”

We had heard that Carolina Opry would be the place to go to for musical entertainment, so we booked tickets to two shows because there was a buy one get the second for $10 special that we took advantage of.   It was nice enough, the singers were pretty talented.  We preferred the $10 “Good Vibrations” show to the more expensive “Carolina Opry” show because it was too old fashioned and too bluegrass for my taste…country music,  I can deal with….the incessant twanging and the “All That” tap dancers took me to the brink of suicide.

The seats must have been installed before the civil war because they were so narrow, you had to get up to think.  Surely this theater must have been built for people outside of the South.  Any southerner worth his/her salt would never be able to fit comfortably in those seats….when fried food is a regional staple, you can’t have narrow seats!  Just Kidding!  Sorta….

We decided to buy popcorn before entering the theater and to be honest,  the popcorn had seen more than a few sunrises because they were greasy and stale.  Bleeechhh!!   Would I recommend Carolina Opry to future tourists?  Only if they planned to see the Good Vibrations show.  Other than that?  Skip it!

Myrtle Beach, SC

No comment

Now, if you are planning a trip here, naturally you will be wanting to sample great seafood.  We were advised to check out Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant on Hwy 117.  The restaurant was buffett style at 28.50 a head.  If you pay that much, you’d expect to see something more than crab legs and shrimp.  Alas, that was pretty much the case with the exception of oysters and scallops, there wasn’t much to brag about.  Our server was excellent though, but is that really saying much when it’s a buffett?

Beware of any seafood restaurant that has no lobster….

There was one very bright spot during our five day stay. During the planning stages, we tried to find a reasonably priced hotel because the major reason for the trip was relaxation for me after a crazy work schedule and a respite for Cari who would be starting school soon.

We had already made the decision that the trip would be more R & R than recreational, so we knew that we didn’t want to be too close to the beach as that would be too disruptive. Most of the ‘deals’ were for beachfront hotels or hotels in undesirable locations away from the touristy spots.

We were fortunate to come across a deal on Expedia where hotel rooms could be had for a generous 40% off….Hello! We were pleased to find a mixed-use condo (something we never even considered) for a ridiculously low rate of $65.25 per night. There had to be a trick, right? So, before we jumped in with both feet we had to consult the always dependable Tripadvisor and noticed that Resort Quest Rentals at the Market Commons was rated #1 among specialty resorts in Myrtle Beach. Hence the ‘trick’, it was a resort, which meant resort fees to the tune of $25.00 per night. Oh, well, it was still a bargain…see?

Entrance to our lovely (but temporary) abode

We were surrounded by a beautiful park that looked like the ultimate paradise:

This aeronautic display in Warbird Park gave us pause

Catching a glimpse of a pair of lovebirds enjoying a magnificently sunny day

After taking all of that gorgeousness in, we made our way into the complex to check into our condo:

The complex had a european flair that provided a soothing atmosphere to all who entered

We drove to the main rental office to check in.  We were given access codes instead of keys.  There was a code for entering the lobby of the building that we were staying in (The Kensington) and a code for the door to our room.  This actually worked out better for us as it turned out.    We were pleasantly surprised to walk into this:

C’mon in and sit a spell!

Such a beautiful kitchen! Too bad that we’ll never use it

A featherbed too? Wake me up in five days!

Yes, the mindless boobtube is just what the doctor ordered!

Looking out the window at night….sigh!

The condo was mixed use, so we were fortunate enough to be steps away from a grocery store:

Their deli saved the day (well, days)…..

We were surrounded by approximately 40 retail outlets!  There was a Barnes and Noble Bookstore, White house, Black market, Bath and Body works, an 18 screen theater and lots of great restaurants.   The entire area was clean and well cared for.

You will find many benches interspersed throughout the complex for your rest and enjoyment

Taking turns playing lawn chess

I think that we both lost, but who cares?!

I mentioned earlier that the complex had a theater, however, we didn’t use it.   We were sightseeing, so we stopped by the local mall and noticed that their CineMark theater only charged $4.50 for matinees, so we decided to see Resident Evil:Afterlife there.   Also, on the plus side, if you love to shop there are two Tanger Outlet malls within 10 miles of each other.

In summary, if you happen to find yourself in Myrtle Beach and are looking for somewhere to just chill and relax, I highly recommend booking a condo at ResortQuest, you will feel like you’re in heaven and you can always take a dip in the ocean when you feel inspired to do so.