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Pictures of Bar Harbor, Maine

April 25, 2010 • By

I’m a romantic at heart and I’ve always thought a Lighthouse situated at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking a sandy beach epitomized that sentiment.  Maybe the idea of reaching back to a time when one glowing light spun rhythmically through a fog drenched night drawing sailors safely to its shores is what has me intrigued.

That is primarily why I chose to visit Bar Harbor in the first place. I was drawn to the possibility of not only seeing many lighthouses that sat proudly along the shoreline, but there was an opportunity to actually sleep in one. As luck would have it, the winds were too high for us to participate in the boat tour, so you can imagine, I was majorly disappointed.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my short stay there. Bar Harbor is a beautifully quaint town that has a small town feel because of its friendly residents. It possesses a natural easiness and familiarity where you feel as if you’ve lived there all of your life. The one thing that we were determined to do was to eat a lot of seafood, specifically, Maine lobster! A trip to Geddy’s, a local seafood establishment proved to be a wise move on our part.

Maine is also the Blueberry capital of the world, so make sure you try a slice of blueberry pie and a bottle of blueberry soda for good measure. If you want to see the best of this picturesque town, take a ride on Oli’s Trolley where you will enjoy their sojourn through the fantastic Arcadia National Park.

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